As I Rock Myself to Sleep Vol. III:
The High School Stories
The first story introduces the next sixteen.  Those stories are the main part of the book.  They are in chronically order starting in the summer before the school year and ending at commencements.
Introduction: It’s Going to Suck
1. On-A-Bun
2. How Do You Walk Away From a Mirror?
3. A Decision to Save the Dignity of Men
4. The Last Fight Song
5. The Story of the Janitor's Ghost
6. What's Going on Out Here?
7. Darwin Dixon
8. The Stronger Force
9. Olivia's Defense Mechanism
10. Dennis Gets a Pink Slip
11. Weekend Love
12. Dear Flower
13. The Babysitter
14. Breaking Up Emily and Justin
15. An Interview with Mr. Harrison
16. The Real Story of How Avonte Got Shot
Conclusion: Valedictorian's Vengeance